söndag, januari 25, 2009

You know you are from Europe when...

Jag har varit rätt dålig på att blogga på sista tiden. Utan någon speciell anledning alls. Min blogg fyllde ju 3 år i december och under dom åren har jag märkt att det funnits perioder då jag bloggat massor och andra perioder då det gått lite trögare. Så nu tänkte jag fuska och få till en uppdatering med lite fulblogg.

I våras hade jag en kul lista här på bloggen , You know you've lived in Spain when... som till min stora glädje ganska många orkade läsa och uppskatta. Kan rekommenderas. Särskilt alla som besökt Spanien kommer att känna igen sig och skratta mycket.

Idag fick jag en liknande lista från en amerikansk vän i mailen. Kanske inte fullt så rolig och igenkännande som Spanien-listan men bitvis ganska kul.

You know you are from Europe when...

... You're not fat.

... You know a little about a lot.

... You've seen H.M the Queen of your country shopping retail!

... Your house is older than America (sometimes your car depending if you're from eastern Europe)

... You walk in heels on cobblestones.

... You sometimes dance in heels on cobblestones.

... You do plastic surgery to look better, not look younger.

... You don't come home at midnight, you go out at midnight.

... You actually walk.

... You don't have a local church, you have a local cathedral.

... You speak at least two languages fluently and understand the rest.

... You know all the royal houses in Europe and have a favourite princess. If you're hardcore a favourite lady in waiting.

... You dont wear white socks with formal shoes.

... You wear a training suit only at the gym.

... You make cookies with no pot.

... Your jeans actually fit your body.

... You would never wear a fleece jacket and flip-flops at the same time.

... You would never wear flip-flops during the winter.

... You've always had a passport.

... You pay alot for gasoline.

... You belive we are way to americanized over here. You hate it, but can't stop watching Desperate Housewifes and other no quality shows.

... You say: American Idol? Please!!! it's called EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!

... You travel and bring back food or even fresh flowers. You just cant go to Italy without bringing back Parmesan!

... You have been outside your country and not just outside your state.

… You hate Americans with no particular reason, but never forget to mention to your friends how many years you’ve spent in New York.

… You think that traveling from Amsterdam to Luxembourg qualifies for an international travel.

… You truelly believe that your country has once been an empire which dominated the world (even if you come from Andorra).

… You pay ridiculous taxes and think it is normal.

… You hate to work.

… You leave your office at 5pm.

… you are always slightly drunken.

… you drive a car size of a shopping cart.

3 kommentarer:

Hanna sa...

Haha! Det var rätt många punkter som stämde.

Cecilia sa...

Javisst är det en del som stämmer. Men inte det där med plastikkirurgin. Skulle kanske behöva det ...

Kul lista! Jag ska titta in på din Spanienlista också förstås!

Ha det bra!

Thérèse sa...

Hanna - visst var det

Cecilia - håller med dig där , en del stämmer men inte allt t.ex plastikkirurgi.